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EZ-Go, EZ-Bridge, EZ3+, EZ2+,EZ1+ Firmware version 138.09.01


Latest firmware for the EZ-Go, EZ-Bridge, EZ3+, EZ2+, EZ1+ line of products: EZ-Bridge, EZ3+ : 138.09.01.bin (2.5MB) Released: 2008/05/06 EZ-Go, EZ...

New Manufacturing and Distribution Center

E-zy.net opens new manufacturing and distribution center in Utah e-zy.net announces the opening of its newest Manufacturing and Distribution Center...

EZ3+, EZ2+,EZ1+ Firmware version 138.04.01


Latest firmware for the EZ3+, EZ2+, EZ1+ line of products: EZ3 : 138.04.01.bin (2.5MB) Released: 2008/05/06 EZ2: 138.04.01.bin (1.6MB) Released: 20...